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Music Festival 2019 in Brescia

Every year Brescia hosts the Music Festival which, growing from year to year, has become the biggest music festival in Italy.

The 2019 edition is expected to see the participation of about 3000 musicians who will occupy with more than 100 stages the entire historic center of the city. A series of free concerts that will resonate from morning until midnight: a day of music at 360 ° that includes the most diverse music genres ... from rock to jazz, from pop to soul, from funky to dance: there is really something for everyone!

Brescia opens its doors to a river of music and many, many fans and curious coming from all over Italy. And there is no shortage of famous people, announced in the vicinity of the event and waiting to tread the most important stages, including Piazza Loggia, Piazza Paolo VI and Piazza Vittoria.

Brescia awaits you Saturday, June 22, 2019